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(w)here we go

(w)here we coming

in we go

in we coming

progression of state

stay in command

regression of state

with the float

                                                            with the current


The owls of the city are out. 

hatchin their eggs.

Where are we? 

What can we do with our hands.



In the heat of an argument

what are we fighting for?

Its more like wr numb

a bulb in the aperture

Distilling liquid dreams into reality


Pixelise these eyes 

radiate desire for eternity

now that’s pretty long

waiting here with me

cant see paradise unveil by the purpous we submitt

to paradygm enforced

the owls remind the source

here compare my attributes

reactions cold but nonetheless

this outcome was no surprise

my reactions were written out 





staggering rythm 

bleach my running mouth 

Never clench nor reach

Long term predicamrnt 


I keep forgetting what i want to emitt into these internal 

eternal, terminal discours discour of course a dialogue never shut



please be quiet by the realms of thought

another frowned talk quivering

the equal theme 

Mist and gloom

my feet dribble through these misconstrued

and insecure, 





we’ll hunt them

the dragons hatch in these whereabouts

in the meanderings of my endless wits

and when i stop to think

stop to see 

who’s still awake? 

what is it about the night that inspires me to break free

what the day suppresses

the grave refreshes

I feel the urge to speak

But its more an urge not actually anything constructive cld emerge

it’s more the intention that captivates

in the space between the actual saying


when do we celebrate-

see life how it is without wrappings

the traps you maintain

without the impossible drain that cleaves my internal

armistice in dark cressent 

the moon sways gentle

remove wave’s center

the moon sways gentle

and you lose main venture


now they all pile up against you

justify you selfish life of artist 

my own nonsense of existence 

is doing nothing for resistance


let’s see how long that sustain 

the moon sways gentle

it’s when gents all feel less due to censors 

inward vectors that prevent first textures

always the best because more primal

close to the origins

where my breath birth

Friends hurt when they speak the truth

i guess


these things that shock my brain

out of it’s blueprint will save us time


censors deprive my articulation of forms 

where we inform each other on firm reach of hands

and trees 

cause hands see are like trees tryin a reach up

and grasp a bit of that life electricity 

and ride on extremities of time

we got so much of it and not know what to do

feel alone this much when im always rushin

but on the spot few meter squared

and fear recoils in the cubicle

the public's eye sought to kill my awe

struck with why’s

and can’t design a purpous for why we ride further

though the road serpentines

you just have to go deeper right?

learn to read you high nature in command

when i see through your frown the symptoms 

that cream on the surface of peace

is how dream pump machine works

distillating address

where we flanger

misspelling answers

imitating madness


and curve round the center of dark matter

oh no i meant heart chatter

a chicha bar 

snack and sacrements

grief for palestine

construction bricks

where the money flow? 

Disarticulated sentences stroll the fences edge

spray cans decorate cynics mindset

my purpous was a crowded mouth

trying to speak through a biased sided truth

i keep flipping result is we’re upside inside out

i say we cuz it’s more than just me in here


something unique yet sold off for  

speak with rythm how the mouth run

it’s marathon for envy to bowl out the fun

of closed appartement checkin what time it is

9 forty there’s a time for all

block the house for coming spectrum

I got to go out

I got to go out 

This isolation is no good 

Then I guess i’m not naked enough

not naked enough

not in these texts, my index

struggles to drop it’s load of hesitations

with the weight of existence, hold

mingles the taste of transcendence, whole

still restrain the modest teeth to speak

what’s on the 

impossibly meshed with intolerance

of you, another it’s hard to reach

i’m just purging nervous execution


it goes to say 

something we hope to make

but not alone

These curtains a hell of dark



too, stuck to the queue, cuboid new kind

less human, select few get more tools

to choose way of life paradygm

wave to groove, predicted outcast

too commited to new condition

improve connection 

you & I is intersection

broadcast podcast galactic 


You got the courage but the sense bitter 

dont get driven by the fear of loss

I die when I forget to dial another channel 

stuck to one perception 


but under the grey tainted veil

we all here silent in bliss 

no talkin, futur autopilot

life is mysery when i wanna catch the mystery

hold too tight and it fly 

the eye know its outrageaous

the eye know it’s staring in my indoors

calm sees it all, the craving self

and gave no word if not, aaa umm



and maybe youve experience the dread of losing

and realised in the splint second of detachment

what ego death could trigger in your inner mind


you can ask me why

you don’t understand

I don’t believe in this

I been pretending all the way through

And i sure theres something more to 


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