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WDKY, focuses on audio visual arts.  As a Duo, Loucka and Oscar, create abstract pieces. Pieces that demand the audience to let go of their usual perceptions, engage into  "human" behavior and the abstracted social structures we are confronted with.


                                                   In their early work chaotic internet screen recordings, capeturing a                                                          vague                                                                                                                     images of todays Future.../////

                          \\\\\ ...Further back you realize that it might be possible to be hosted in that capsule,  the one that brings you their, some where in time,  Link-ed alone. 


"You close your eyes and you arrive in a future about 200 years from now.
The space where you arrive is an empty space, a void."

Now zoom in and out. Find what in between the lines

state of philo
State of Philosophy

Wedntknwyet is our current state of Philosophy

       we use to delve into the ever changing landscapes of our lives.   It is not saying that we do not know what intention we move with-in the unknown, it is rather saying that the outcomes and forms will always grow out of non expectation. Trying to predict outcomes based on the frame of what we know now           will result in limiting their very nature. 

Our method work is based on discovery and trying to produce spaces for the unexpected to emerge. It is here in these cracks where new landscapes can proliferate as well as, quite often, deeper truth about us which remains latent.


                                                    § Jimmy Imagine

Constant creation, construction and deconstruction, there is no ending point, just turning points. Similarly, this web page is an ever morphing space of interaction. Here, we wish to open all communication about the website and how it could evolve to a platform to share thoughts and ideas about the future, past, now. A think-tank, bio archive for our precedent and coming projects. Please Get in contact with us if you'd be interested in any form of collaboration.

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eternal construction open
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