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A coming project/research around...

"...According to the internet we have two definitions:

  1. the process or period of developing inside the womb between conception and birth.

  2. the development of something over a period of time.


The first, more literal translation, gives us the specific context, space, matter and event that occurs.

We talk about the womb, the outcome which is birth, the summit and ending point to which gestation becomes something other than itself; life.

In both we have the element of time, of duration.

Gestation is a moment between A conception and B Birth, it’s a canal from source to source and during this time the organism which is being born will need to take all it needs

to then become an independent being.

How can we relate this to the idea of human and virus?

Well during this period of time which is gestation, there is a meeting of two bodies,

one body that invades the other. The body being born which is the baby is literally feeding on the resources of the host body mother, it is in some sense attacking this body, stealing it’s flesh. That’s one way of looking at it if we didn’t naturally suppose that this invasion was the desire of the mother, that she welcomed this invasion. We understand that both bodies are put under the dominion of a larger project of ongoing birth which is that of life as a whole. But then it is a choice we made to see it this way. So if the human could be a form of invasion onto the earth’s womb, our birth has yet to come.

Maybe it goes even further, maybe the earth is being born again through human, forming a new gestation, ongoing gestation, ongoing birth, ongoing re-signifying of the other’s existence we forget but also depend on. 


If this is an ongoing gestation than we keep giving birth to new forms which escape and become independent life forms in other spheres. 

We haven’t left the womb yet and maybe never will.


                                                                                              We are the womb. 


The womb in the body of in between, the very idea of womb is associated to welcoming.

How do we mutually welcome each other into spaces of in between? Of course, we are dealing with another way of weaving relationships, one that isn’t about expressing our uniqueness but of rather lifting the areas where we merge. There is no outcome, no birth which isn’t being born again. Therefore we must ask ourselves, what are we looking for? As if in the sexual act, there is no point of orgasm, or rather this isn’t where we want to go, it is all the duration of the act in which the orgasm is contained itself.

The release is an escape, it is already going off to something or some place else, it is not inserting or immersing ourselves deeply enough in the act, it is therefore neglecting the body of otherness and in doing so, using it as a tool of satisfaction for one’s own desires. This lack of care is the refusal to take responsibility for being here now in this state of mutuality which is our confinement.


                                 It may not be the most comfortable, but we will never know until we’ve truly risked it."

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