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...So from 2020 it’s all about making a step back to gather the lost parts of ourselves, stop walking in direction of fatal destruction from both humankind and earth as a whole, encompassing animals, plants, forces and all the rest we haven’t denominated yet.


This doesn’t mean completely retiring from the modern project, it means finding ways to make the merging possible between both bodies, human and earth. This goes of course by understanding that both bodies is just a way of speaking,


there is only one body,

one body of multiples,

so in fact trillions of bodies.


    It is finding our way inside this giant network,

just as we managed to construct space-ships, machines that can trace the movements of subatomic particles,

concepts that can help us reach inside our own functioning as individuals and as collectives. Now we must put the same vigor in understanding what made us like this, understanding the secret language that was spoken all around us since our childhood but that we never understood.

It is the time for care,understanding the natural and organic processes which are not machinery,

rhythms which are not repetitive bars but jives that give

                                                                                                      the swing.


 If we learn to dance we learn to along with the rest, our actions immediately take place within a govern that restricts us from all the set of behaviors that will put at risk

the possibility to conserve this jive.

Once you taste what is is to really feel good there is absolutely no natural, even rational explanation to why you would go back to bad. Then again, you would have to speak of delusion, there is something clearly masochistic about wanting to go back to a state of suffering. So far it’s because there are not enough people taking the leap, the need of being a part of

                                a hive,

                                               a group,

                        plays a stronger agency than the need of being free. 


It’s the moment where we must re-appropriate our bodies and in doing so, our actions.

Not just being part of a


series that form chains through time expeditions,


                  the chains that held us together during the building of pyramids,

                    the chains the carried us overseas for the colonial expedition,

                      the chains that make us lifeless workers to the sold of money institutions,

                       but to break these series,

these patterns like strands of DNA,

or african braid and textile motives,

break down these stands and re-associate these components, dare to see what and where and when it went wrong to fix new strands, codify new patterns that will immediately reshape our activity in time. How now do we affect our space, engage with our space and other bodies in these spaces?       How do we relativise the power of one or the other language on putting both under the dominion of another language which we will probably never know. The conspiracy of a language which is actually not a language but more, in our terms,

                                                                                                    a feeling;

                                                                                                                 a resonance.


Sounds like some tree huger thing to say, certainly, but let’s not let the ironic cliche distract us from what is essentially the profound message to retrieve;


                                      we are not alone!


We’ve never been alone and we will never be alone.


Things will only start getting better for us and the otherness,

                                                                   for the otherness and it’s otherness-es,


                                                        the point

where we start

not just understanding this,

but practically inserting ways of making it becoming acted

into our virtual illusion of reality."


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