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Bree is a spirited and standout font that takes its inspiration from handwriting. It's sure to grab your reader's attention, especially in short paragraphs.

Avenir Light is a clean and stylish font favored by designers. It's easy on the eyes and a great go to font for titles, paragraphs & more.


Young g: (off alone)


“Restless fizzle I sleep inside,

jelly is my nature.

cold cola pepsi are my teeth solid form. 

Mondays are my eyes when they don’t blink.

Mona Lisa is the smile, perfect print.

This body has nor a front, nor a back

My hearts whispers are whiskey drops, I wish

dumb dum-di-doo di doom doom

connections loose running 

moon, sun and honey, sure some  

money would be good, look

y’all reckon that you know nothing

but you know nothing! ‘course you own something,

prince perched to mount solitude has for only company a goose blue one who’s wings flap and flop like dick drop too short.

Look Look Look LOok Oooo O OK I’m at west where east

is seated north, forth

coming where dawn reboots 

disney dystopian jolt motion stick to masses victim cerebellum caput fingertip spun did you hear the humming of 

never mind, quick fun

but um - i seem not to recall as mine

as mine MINE (echo takes over)


The technique of his was phonetic.


“Dystopic picture perfect fiction

these longing thin long long and thin

things lost things lost

lost altar 

lost altar

lost all earth is altar lst lust

lust alter 

alt frequency 

delete delete



put heat

add add heat

adhere adhere


It seems like there was operation table

but where? I don’t know heat

a surgery took place, takes place

will take place.

Whispers repeat heat


re re re 


re re repeat

of all will take place

Will will take place

whispers was the operation table


but where will take place

I don’t -

re re re peat .”


The crowd was looking outside and yawning, some checking their watches. The spokesman pauses to have a sip of infusion, he quickly urges to comment “tea tea tea” before resuming speech.  


Young G: 

“The systemic sis gendered defect, imprint

imprint imprint

thumbs up- agreed. 

thumbs up- agreed eat

the Greedy, I’m…

In heart of a paradox,  

feel somwht like a parrot boxed in-

forget etch fog 

fog net fg wasp

to escape realness is was 

quickly restored 

quickly restored 

augmented response

response augmented response

vaulted alt alt



One woman collapses dead. She apparently had contracted a form of virus that kill people when confronted to abominable cyborg litterature.

Anothers sigh and wonders when the performance would end, saying, “Nowaday’s art is meaningless…”

Another skinny chump with a mustache replies, “oh common Marguerite, we’ve got to let these kids express themselves, times are changing and we’re making ourselves old. Gather up an open mind won’t you?”


Young G Warps in and out of his own shape, appearing at different places of the room making glitches in reality, intermittent radio apparitions shape circular waves of crystal like powder that float across the room. 


Young G pursues, 

“Strayed source Of course: OFF course

… Idle errant isotope 

top bottom bottom top

blurrish fog

ruin eye dug a dog prism 

sees sees sees sees all 

alt c seed seed and seeds

eat eat this sea 

is eaten eat seed skrrrt

skrrrt skrrrt skkrrt

seed sead

pace back

to sleep One step

the creator on(c)e step(ped)

in creation’s womb

set set set 

a faction of inward which was 

IN IN IN system always

negate faction -N word-


scattered things combine to make a sea

sea sea sea

inward faction of this on(c)e (upon a mind) was hollow

[by now] we could read the lips and it spoke

[it spoke/] 

[it] soap 

and what did it spoke

what did it hope? 

(Now lost, then lost)


the solitary by now, solipsistic

in never ending dream was once the creator stepped 

out from role to become part of creation. Unfixed,

Now lost,

Otherwise speak 

and speak until your lips will threatenly drop.


Ups and down for the most of what we prop

as days lonely disperse

dispatched long hatched ostrich

smoke melt scent wrap all stringent

strings attached offsprings sprung

life one grey sandwich

[re [re [re] report to port] report” 

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